Young Enterprise is a national business and enterprise education charity, who provide young people of all ages with various programmes of study to inspire and equip them with the skills to succeed through enterprise. The Company Programme does this by allowing young people the opportunity to set up and run a real company for a year, under the guidance of a link teacher and business volunteers. Through this programme, students will get a real hands on experience in all aspects of running a company – from raising share capital to designing, branding, marketing and producing a product. Students will even get to pitch their product and their company story to members of the public and other business people at local and regional events.

As part of the scheme, schools require the help of business volunteers to provide support and guidance to students as and when they are available. Business volunteers not only provide extra business support – by utilising any skills or knowledge they’ve acquired through their working lives – but also become role models for students, often giving them somebody to look up to and aspire towards.

Newquay Tretherras are lucky enough to have the support from three local business advisors for the 2015/2016 program of study – one of which, Grant Batty (co-founder of Pixel Rain) is an ex-student who also took part in the scheme during his time at Tretherras.



Tretherras’ 2013/2014 Young Enterprise team

Newquay Tretherras has had tremendous success with the Young Enterprise program, with many teams developing new, innovative and exciting products which allowed them to excel to county and regional finals. Newquay Tretherras has also reached the international finals of the Young Enterprise competition.

Young Enterprise is a truly fantastic opportunity for young people which will help them to increase their employability, develop their awareness of the business world, enhance their ability to work with a team (and learn to separate business and friendships), and help to learn more about themselves and the business areas that most suit them.