Years 9 to 11

NT Blazer (Black only) – Navy Blue with Proba Tene badge – exclusively available from Studs at Chester Road, (OPTIONAL).

Trousers/skirt – Trousers must be tailored (i.e. not jeans or casual style) for boys or girls.
Skirts must be of the approved type – these are now available from Studs Sports in Chester Road.

Shirts/blouses – Blue shirts only with collar and sleeves (not sports/ polo or T-shirts). Shirts must always be tucked in.

Tie – CLIP ON NT School tie – navy with school badge (if a new one is required) – obtainable from school.

School V-neck jumper – Blue with embroidered badge – obtainable from Studs of Chester Road.

Socks/tights - Must be plain white, grey, navy or black.

Shoes – PLAIN BLACK, Flat or low heeled, with black laces.

Make-up/jewellery – Make-up is not to be worn. Jewellery is not allowed, except that if ears are pierced then one small stud in each ear is permitted.