Year 8 Student Wins Silver at Schools Weightlifting Championship


Ella Owen, a Year 8 student of Newquay Tretherras, recently competed against some of the strongest children in the UK in the British Schools Weightlifting Championships, held at Oldbury Academy in Birmingham.

Though usually classed in the 44kg and under category for her year group, Ella was slightly over this on the day, meaning that she had to compete in the higher weight group against girls that were a lot bigger than herself.

Amazingly though, this didn’t stop her in placing 2nd, achieving a clean & jerk of 40kg and a snatch of 30kg, only just missing out on 1st place.

Ella said, “It was my first competition so I was doing it more for the experience than anything. I couldn’t believe it when I managed to place second in the group so I’m really pleased and proud of myself.”

The young schoolgirl is coached by her father as well as receiving input from British Weight Lifting and is hoping to compete in a few months time up in Glasgow.

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