Year 11 Mock Interviews

List of companies for mock interviews 2016 (1)

Thursday 6th October over 20 businesses and training providers came to Newquay Tretherras to conduct Year 11 Mock Interviews.

Approximately 280 students were given official interviews lasting 10mins, with 5mins feedback on their performance at the end.  Student CVs had been sent to the prospective employers in advance so they also received suggestions as to how this could be improved for the future.

‘Everyone has to attend an interview at some point in their life and this can be terrifying if you have no idea what to expect.  Many students were nervous but found this experience helped to build their confidence and would allow them to be better prepared next time,’ said Ms Jeffery, Careers Coordinator at Newquay Tretherras.

According to Ms Ollerenshaw, Head of Year 11, ‘The mock interview process has been a valuable one for the Year 11 students. For many, it was their first experience of a job interview and  I am certain it has given them the skills to perform far more successfully when they approach their first college or employment interview.’

Surveys completed by the visiting companies showed that they felt the event was well organised and very useful. They were generally delighted with the students’ conduct and engagement, and many were impressed that the students had made an effort to find out information about the various businesses involved.

Ms Jeffery also commented, ‘We feel that this is an extremely valuable opportunity and we are very grateful that so many employers agreed to give up their time to support the school and our students. ‘

Newquay Tretherras Students are now looking forward to their annual Careers Fayre, Wednesday 25 January 2017 between 4-6pm which will allow all their students to get advice and information on future careers.

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