V Awards

How the vfifty works:

The vfifty award is extremely flexible and fits around the volunteer’s lifestyle – students can volunteer for 1 or 2 hours a week, or can focus all their volunteering activities over 3 or 4 weekends – whatever suits them. The main thing is that students complete 50 hours of volunteering within 12 months.

vfifty can help to……

• Enhance a CV

• Prepare for college, university or job interviews

• Improve skills and talents

• Learn new skills and talents

• Support non-profit making community groups and activities

How the vimpact award works:

The vimpact award is broken down into four sections;

1. Planning – deciding how, why, who, when and where

2. Doing – dedicating time towards the chosen activity or service

3. Reviewing – feedback on skills and achievements

4. Sharing – telling others of the benefits of volunteering

vimpact can help to……

• Develop a range of skill including planning, problem solving, team work and leadership

• Further prepare for college, university or job interviews

• Further enhance a CV

• Gain life / work experience

• Make a positive impact on an issue or cause that matters to the volunteer

• Continue to support non-profit making community groups and activities

Students’ previous volunteering has included supporting younger students by offering classroom support, leading groups on junior and senior camp, helping with Duke of Edinburgh’s Award activities and charity events organised by the school and young people. In the community volunteers are involved with many non profit making organisations including Scouts, Brownies, and the Newquay Cancer Research UK charity shop.