Tretherras Students Lead The Way In National Rocket Car Challenge


More than 3,500 children from 94 schools across Cornwall have registered to take part in a model rocket car competition being staged as part of the Bloodhound Project. Only 5 race HUBs have been chosen across the County, Newquay Tretherras was selected to work in conjunction with St Columb Minor Primary School to act as a join HUB. The Newquay Tretherras’ GCSE Computer Science students have been given overall responsibility of creating the speed trap, a crucial component in measuring the speed of more than 100 model race cars designed by over 12 schools from around Cornwall.

Mr Ellis Attwell, Teacher of Computer Science at Newquay Tretherras and a National STEM Ambassador, said ‘I am so proud of the effort put in by the Newquay Tretherras student STEM Ambassadors. Computer Science is a very popular subject at Newquay Tretherras, and we strive not only to ensure we achieve excellent exam results to improve the career prospects of our students, but also to offer wonderful enrichment opportunities that act as a catalyst to stimulating interest in Technology. Seeing how this group of students have shown leadership and problem solving skills, plus a commitment to acquiring highly valued technical skills will serve them well in future life opportunities’.

Harvey Maquire who studies GCSE Computer Science at the academy said ‘I joined Newquay Tretherras in Year 7 because I had taken part in several technology taster days. I love Computer Science and plan on studying the subject at University before starting my career with a large IT organisation. To have been given responsibility to develop the speed trap was awesome. My passion is building computer hardware so this was the perfect activity for me’.

Che Hoswell who also studies Computing in Year 10 said ‘The Newquay Tetherras teachers really challenge us to develop our skills and knowledge. I am very pleased with how my appreciation of Computing and Technology is improving all the time, and being made responsible for building actual working systems like the speed trap has been very enjoyable. I definitely plan to do well in my GCSEs then study Computer Science at ‘A’ level. The Bloodhound project has shown me just how much I have learnt’.

Rachel Delhourne, STEM lead at Cornwall County Council said that ‘Newquay Tretherras and St Columb Minor School will be working together to offer expertise in Python programming. They already have experience running primary days using Lego EV robots and Newquay Tretherras is one of the few centres in Cornwall to offer A Level Computer Science, so we’re really excited to have them both on board.’ One of the key priorities in Cornwall Council’s Education Strategy and its Raising Aspirations and Achievements Strategy (RAAS) is to secure high quality provision, widen local opportunities and promote equalities. The Council has been working with local partners to bring this project to Cornwall to help meet this priority and to encourage more of our young people into STEM related subjects.

Mr Attwell added ‘The national STEM agenda is taken seriously in Newquay. This is evident in Newquay Tretherras’ commitment to technology across all key stages in the Newquay Education Trust. The Trust leads on investing in a range of technology to capture the interest of our students, from robotics in the younger year groups to offering Computer Science at ‘A’ level, one of very few centres in Cornwall to do so. All NewquayTretherras Sixth form students have been offered their first choice of Computer Science degree at University next year, projects like the Bloodhound Rocket Car will help ensure we continue this success. To be able to work in close partnership with St Columb Minor Primary School to achieve these goals has been fantastic’.

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