Tretherras Family Challenge Raising Money for Charity


The Nicholls family are setting out on three courageous adventures, all in the name of raising money for Cancer Research UK and The Royal British Legion.


Mr David Nicholls, Teacher at Newquay Tretherras, Mrs Sian Nicholls, Assistant Headteacher Newquay Junior and their son Will Nicholls, Year 9 Student at Newquay Tretherras are gearing up between now and the end of next summer to complete their extraordinary family adventure.


This summer Mr Nicholls will be walking around the entire Cornwall coastline and border totalling up 360 miles in just 18 days. Mrs Nicholls and Will shall be joining the walk as and when they can.


Planned for April 2017 Mr Nicholls will then run in the Plymouth Half Marathon. (The plan was to run it this year but due to injury it had to be postponed).


All three members of the Nicholls family, in Summer 2017, will be walking and cycling from Sword Beach in Normandy to Berlin in Germany, finishing at the Reichstag building. The route will follow the same the route, as much as possible, that Mr Nicholls’ Grandad took after D-Day in WW2.


Mr Nicholls commented, “The hardest part of all of this has been getting anyone to take notice of what we’re doing – we’ve set a target of raising £2,000 in total combined, and so far have managed £90 – but it’s a start!”


The adventurous family have set up a website at which has all of the details of what’s going on, links to their JustGiving page, and downloadable information. Their page will continue to be updated as they progress through all three challenges.

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