The School

The School will provide an effective induction process for NQT’s, New Staff and PGCE’s

The school will:


Maintain a challenging and supportive role, using induction and Performance Review and Planning as a vehicle for school improvement and individual development

Offer opportunities for leadership experience

Encourage staff to work collaboratively for mutual benefit, giving staff opportunities to mentor, coach and support each other through access to a Teaching and Learning Group and other forums

Create and maintain an ethos where training and development activity is supported

Disseminate and make available information relating to external CPD opportunities

Establish and maintain links with FE and HEI in the region to access accredited CPD

Ensure the equal opportunity for all staff to develop according to their professional needs, experience and aspirations within available resources

Provide contextualised career progression advice and guidance

Will endeavour to source and support a wide portfolio of CPD approaches to match preferred learning styles of staff; according to the best practice principles of Comparison, challenge, consultation and competition

Will have transparent arrangements for accessing CPD

Will evaluate the provision and arrangements of CPD in consultation with staff

Will maintain up to date records of training undertaken

CPD opportunities will be designed to widen participation, maximise inclusion and minimise bureaucracy