The Launch of Outdoors Club!


An ‘Outdoors Club’ has recently been launched at Newquay Tretherras, attempting to pull students away from the lure of technology and instead encourage them to explore external activities and opportunities.

The first session saw the club learning how to build and start a fire with just a flint and steel as well as climbing trees with the aid of ropes. The students also were taught how to prepare a variety of food to enjoy an end of club BBQ in the sun.

Year 9 student, Georgia Ashton said, “I enjoyed cooking burgers at the BBQ and managed to climb to the top of a tree in under a minute.”

Mr Chris Gard, creator of the club and Outdoor Learning member said, “The first meeting was a great success with all the students giving 100% effort in all the activities they tried. Everyone students said they are really looking forward to everything else that we have planned for the group.”

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