TASC Christmas Show Goes Off With A Ping Pong Bang!!

TASC Team DSC_2491

A Christmas themed evening lecture on Friday 11th December at Newquay Tretherras gave 160 Year 5s and 6s pupils the chance to investigate some Christmas scientific facts.

The lecture delivered by Newquay Tretherras Aspirational Science Consortium (TASC), students aimed to explain some of the science behind the Christmas film: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

The TASC students made up of Tretherras Sixth Form plus one Year 11 student, delivered workshops that generated enthusiasm in the primary school students, with hands-on demonstrations that they would not normally get at Primary school. Some experiments even gave pupils a chance to do some of some dissection!

The show funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry was delivered by the TASC students who are looking to further their academic excellence in the fields of sciences, gaining work experience before applying for prestigious university courses.

Mrs Branka Williamson, Science Teacher and Co-ordinator of the TASC programme at Newquay Tretherras commented, ‘The sixth form students were exceptionally excited to be presenting to such a big number of primary school students. We have a fantastic reputation for all Science at Tretherras and it is demonstrated by the enthusiasm of our students.”

The grand finale of a Liquid Nitrogen Ping Pong Bomb closed the evening with a fantastic bang and huge applause.

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