South West Skills Event at Plymouth Pavilions

Barratt Homes

On Wed 16 March a group of our Year 10 and 6th form students attended the South West Skills Event at Plymouth Pavilions. Students were able to trial a wide variety of different work-based

skills, from plastering and building a wall, to icing biscuits and having a go at resuscitation. There was even the opportunity to virtually spray paint a car and some of the girls had their nails painted and hair straightened! The event was designed to

give students ideas for future careers, and there were lots of training and apprenticeship providers there with people on hand to answer questions and give out useful information.

Ms Jeffery, Careers Co-ordinator, said ‘There seem to be many more interactiveactivities this year, and the students have really made an effort to get stuck in, which is great. I think they have all got something valuable out of the experience.’


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