Press Release
03rd October 2011

A series of interactive workshops at Newquay Tretherras is giving students, staff and parents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a wish-list of exciting new features for the school campus.

Discussions are ongoing between the academy and Tesco about a possible collaboration that could modernise school premises and establish a new retail development serving the Newquay community. In the meantime, representatives from across the school are being asked to share their views on features they would include if they could design their school of the future.

Teachers, students and representatives from the Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) are contributing their ideas about all aspects of school life, from changing rooms to science labs, corridors to music facilities and canteens to classrooms. Creating resources that the local community can use is a key and integral part of the school’s vision, with workshop participants showing great enthusiasm for a community theatre and performing arts centre, as well as a shared library facility.

Classrooms and facilities across the school currently require extensive refurbishment – or in some cases replacement – if they are to meet the educational requirements for the 21st century and the next generation of students. These interactive workshops are giving participants the opportunity to think about how the school environment can be improved. Highlights so far include the creation of bright, colourful spaces, with good lighting, ventilation and heating; quiet areas for individual study; 21st century classrooms designed to meet the needs of specific subjects, such as Science, English and Mathematics; indoor and outdoor social spaces as well as covered outdoor teaching areas.

GCSE and A Level students have been discussing the specific needs they have for their studies. They agree that focused learning environments would be a tremendous resource. Luke Hazell, who studies A level Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics said: “It would be brilliant to have a bigger library with everything we need for our A levels. A quiet learning environment will let us concentrate on independent research as well as having the resources we need to learn from. It would have been a fantastic resource for our GCSEs too.”

Newquay Tretherras Headteacher, Sue Martin, said: “It was really inspiring to see the staff and students’ point of view. We would be a phenomenal school if we could create everything the students are dreaming of.”

A questionnaire is now being put together for parents, so that they can put forward their suggestions and ideas. Debbie Anderson-Jones, a member of the PTA, said, “It was wonderful to be involved with the open process of thinking out what we need in a new school. Being able to make some of these features a reality would be a much-needed opportunity for the school and for current and future students. As the PTA we are interested in the future of the school and what that will mean for our children.”

Tesco Corporate Affairs Manager, Emma Heesom, said: “We are still in discussion with Newquay Tretherras, and are excited about how this potential agreement could give the school the opportunity to make significant improvements to their learning environment.”

Emma continued, “As well as a new retail outlet, we are keen to invest in facilities that will directly benefit the local community, such as a shared library and theatre, as well as creating a significant number of local jobs and offering greater retail choice and value in Newquay.”

Both Newquay Tretherras and Tesco are keen to hear the opinions of everyone who is interested in, or would like to know more about this potential development. If an agreement is reached, a series of public consultation activities will be planned and these will be publicised to local residents, businesses and the school community in advance, giving everyone the opportunity to review proposals in detail and to have their say.



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