Star Awards Years 7 & 8 2016


During the last week of Summer term, Year 7 and 8 students from Newquay Tretherras celebrated their academic progress and achievements on Tuesday 19th July.

The Star Awards evening was originally created specifically to recognise students with the highest academic achievement, and acknowledge students with the highest progress at Key Stage Three.

Year 10 Newquay Tretherras student hosts, Louie Dent, Stephen Wood, Evie Hughes and Sophie Cooper welcomed guests, Associate Headteacher Mrs Cotterill from St. Columb Minor, Mrs Martin CEO of NET, Mrs Karkeek Chair of NET Directors, Newquay Tretherras Staff, families and friends to a packed out Newquay Sports Centre.

Senior Assistant Headteacher, Miss McGlynn, who is Leader of NT Senior Academy Phase One (Years 7, 8 and 9), opened the evenings speeches and addressed both year groups congratulating them all on their efforts and successes that they made during their first years at Newquay Tretherras.

“Congratulations Year 7 and 8 on your achievements. You have found opportunity in all that you do and strive to learn. Tonight in front of us we celebrate students with an open mindset, you work hard, you learn more, and you look for constant improvement.’

Heads of Year 7 & 8, Mr Preece and Ms Hurley, both spoke to their year groups and commented on the enthusiasm they demonstrate around the school, not only to learning but all activities around school life.

There were two musical interludes during the evening, a wonderful trumpet solo by Sam Millington and a vocal solo by Dillan Hocking who sang ‘Where is love’ from the forthcoming school production of Oliver in October.

Students were praised in 14 different subjects for the Most Academic Achievement and for the Most Academic progress. Special awards were given out to nominated students.

A Special Maths Award was given to Sam Millington and Alex Mousley who, both in Year 8, have already sat their Maths GCSE exams this year and are beginning their A Level Maths studies early.

The Head of Year Award for Year 7 went to Ami Boxall and Coco Bond, and the Year 8 award to Emily Inns and Ryan Cooper.

This year the Jenny Morgan Memorial Award was won by Abigail Seeley.

The Tretherras Way Award in Year 7 was awarded to Olive Varlet and Rhys Bartram, and in Year 8 it went to Ella Knight and Joel Mitchell.

The Headteachers Award went to Olivia Thomas and Sam Millington.

Mrs Fairbairn, Headteacher at Newquay Tretherras gave a speech at the end of the evening, once more congratulating the student’s achievement and thanking families for supporting the students.

“Everyone here tonight, Teachers, families and friends are very proud of you all, your friends sat next to you are very proud of you all. You’ve dreamt big and made it big. Every one of you here is a high achiever and I personally congratulate you all.  Finally, I would like to thank everyone for attending tonight and wish you all a relaxing summer holiday when it finally arrives.”

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