Star Awards 2017

All Star Award Winner 2017_DSC_3157

Nearly 200 Year 7 & 8 students collected Awards for their Academic Achievements and Progress at the Newquay Tretherras Star Awards on Wednesday 19th July.

The Star Awards evening was originally created specifically to recognise students with the highest academic achievement and acknowledge students with the highest progress at Key Stage Three.

Year 10 Newquay Tretherras student hosts, Josh Beasley, Mattie De Beer, Mia Carne and Cecily Couch lead the evening’s proceedings, by welcoming guests, VIP’s, families and friends to a packed out Newquay Sports Centre.

Senior Assistant Headteacher, Miss McGlynn, who is Leader of NT Senior Academy Phase One (Years 7, 8 and 9), opened the evening’s speeches and addressed both year groups congratulating them all on their efforts and successes that they made during their first years at Newquay Tretherras.

“Year 7 and 8 not only have you excelled in your academic subject but you have shown resilience and determination, to show great progress, in all the opportunities on offer to you at Newquay Tretherras. We are proud to celebrate with you all your success this evening.”

Heads of Year 7 & 8, Mr Preece and Mrs Thomas, both spoke to their year groups and commented on the enthusiasm they demonstrate around the school, not only to learning but all activities around school life.

Mrs Thomas who retires after 31 years of service at Newquay Tretherras gave an emotional speech to students, highlighting the pleasure she has found in being their Head of Year and working with all the Year groups.

There were two musical interludes during the evening, a wonderful cornet solo of Hallelujah by Matthew Alecock-Smith and a Saxophone rendition of ‘Angel Eyes’ by Sofia Thomas.

Students were praised in 14 different subjects for the Most Academic Achievement and for the Most Academic progress. Special awards were given out to nominated students.

The Head of Year 7 went to Megan Elson and Harvey France, and the Year 8 award to Emily Inns and Ryan Cooper.

This year the Jenny Morgan Memorial Award was won by Joel Sayer, with Caddie, for his incredible work in raising money over £30,000 for the autistic dog charity, Dogs for Good.

The Tretherras Way Award in Year 7 was awarded to Grace Kaye and Cally Barker, and in Year 8 it went to Kezi Taylor and Coco Bond.

The Headteachers Award went to Abbie Hallam and Josh Noone.

Mrs Fairbairn, Headteacher at Newquay Tretherras gave a speech at the end of the evening, once more congratulating the student’s achievement and thanking families for supporting the students.

“Many congratulations to you all Year 7 & 8. Tonight is all about you. I am in awe of your commitment and hard work and grown up attitude to learning. I hope to see great things from you as you move up the school. Many congratulations once again.”

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