Science Week 2016


Dissections, explosions and a police drone demonstration took place at Newquay Tretherras for National Science Week. Students were entertained all week with a series of shows that aimed to celebrate all the sciences.

 Primary students also got a taste of scientific wonder with the Newquay Tretherras Science Roadshow, which visited local primary schools and gave a wide-ranging showcase of experiments.

 Miss Ellis-Davies, Science teacher at the Newquay Academy commented, ‘The Tretherras Science Roadshow is a real whizz-bang of a show that always delights primary pupils. It’s also a great way for pupils to experience some of the science they will get up to at Newquay Tretherras.’ 

 Lunchtime exhibitions were given on properties of Liquid Nitrogen, dissections of rats and frogs, an advance science showcase from the Tretherras Aspirational Science Consortium Sixth Form students.

 The week finished with the demonstration from the Devon and Cornwall Police Drone. Students watched the Police drone in action as it flew 500ft above the school sports fields and relayed images back to a control display screen.

 Mr Andrew Saundrey, Director of Science at the academy, said: “Science Week is to a fantastic week were we aim to raise awareness of science. It is as much fun to do as it to watch. We are really thankful to the Devon & Cornwall police for coming and demonstrating their drone. It really topped off a brilliant week.”


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