Science Club Create ‘Puking Pumpkins’!


Science club members at Newquay Tretherras got in to the spirit of Halloween when they created ‘Puking Pumpkins’ in an after school experiment.

Students carved their pumpkins before setting off a chemical reaction inside of them, causing thick foam to erupt from the figures’ mouths – giving them the appearance of being sick!

The Science Club runs weekly and sees students take part in a variety of fun experiments, investigations and projects covering all aspects of science, for example, undertaking dissections and making rockets.

Mr Simon Riley, Science Teacher in charge of the club said, “Seeing the reaction of the kid’s faces when their pumpkin oozes the foam ‘puke’ is always satisfying as they never really expect such a violent reaction!”

He continued, “This club is a fantastic opportunity for students to have fun in science, and hopefully build a lasting interest in the subject both in and out of school.”