Exam Board: OCR


Course content/breakdown:

12 Topics 6 x Philosophy and 6 x Ethics. (Belief in Deity, End of Life, Spiritual Experience, Religion and Science, Reason and Revelation, Good and Evil, Human Relationships, Wealth and Poverty, Medical Ethics, Religion and the Media, Religion and Equality, Peace and Justice)

Student will sit 4 exams in the summer. 2 x Philosophy (B601 and B602) 2 x Ethics (B603 and B604) Each exam is 1 hour.



Wednesday Lunchtimes

TEF in M13 = Aim for an A*. Stretch your exam responses further.

CKB in M11 = Past Papers/ Exam Technique

Content will also be completed by February Half Term so there will be plenty of time in lessons to revise and practise exam technique.




BBC Bitesize – Religious Studies

Revision Guides are also available form CKB for £2


PDF download here