Priority Schools Building Programme (Round 2) Scheme Unveiled


Newquay Tretherras held a public consultation evening to unveil the designs for the Priority school Building Programme on 4th July 2017.

The well attended evening gave members of the local community and staff & students the opportunity to review and comment on the proposals for the replacement of the old 1950 age school buildings at Newquay Tretherras.

Following several months working closely with the Education & Skills Funding Agency and BAM, the proposed contractor, and with their design consultants, Stride Treglown, we are very excited to be able to unveil details and images of the proposed scheme at our Newquay Tretherras site.

Andy Keast, Director of Finance & Estates, advised: “There have been a number of intense meetings in the past few weeks working through a range of design requirements and we are extremely pleased with the outcome of these meetings.”

Samantha Fairbairn, Headteacher, added: “Much more work will be required over the coming weeks utilising all the relevant feedback from our stakeholders, both through this consultation process and other specific meetings, to ensure the building ultimately meets our expectations. In addition, other complementary works are also planned in the existing retained buildings that will further help enhance the learning experience of all our students and support our committed and passionate staff in working as effectively as possible.”

The building will accommodate a new Hall, Activity Studio, 24 classrooms, changing and shower facilities, kitchen, and a range of office and staffroom areas.

Sarah Karkeek , Chair of Net Board, clarified that: “This will replace some 30% of the site, which incorporates those buildings constructed in the 1950s, and is a further step in the Board’s ambition to provide state of the art teaching and learning facilities for the Newquay and district community.”

As well as talking to the proposed Contractor and the Architect, Carl Harding a former Newquay Tretherras student himself, visitors were able to experience a 3-dimensional look in the building with Virtual Reality headsets.

The evening was well attended and plans were positively received.

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