NT Proposed Sports Development

Newquay Tretherras held a formal consultation with local sport partnerships to discuss a potential development of the sport facilities at the academy on Tuesday the 5th of February.

15 sports partners were present at the evening to openly discuss continued relationships with the academy, have input in the new facilities under the proposal and the sharing of resources. Continued participation of Hockey, Athletics, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Netball & Tennis, were discussed as well as consideration for other community sports.

To date the academy has been in discussions with Sport England about funding streams and how Tretherras will have to contribute match funding in order for the proposal to happen effectively. The project aims to improve the quality of the existing sports facilities at Tretherras as well as provide new ones that will be accessible to the Newquay community.

The new facilities available to the sports partnerships and the local community under the proposal include an Athletics track, an all-weather Hockey pitch and, subject to successful funding applications, additional changing and bespoke spectator facilities. Upgrading existing facilities such as tennis courts and the Sports Hall were also highlighted.

All facilities were very welcomed by the partnerships as facilities for high level Athletics and Hockey in Newquay are currently unavailable, and quality Athletics facilities very limited across Cornwall.

At the meeting Tretherras explained that by upgrading the NT sports fields students would benefit by gaining all year round access, improved NT Sport curriculum provision and reduced fixture cancellation. Improving the drainage of the fields will increase participation capacity and remodelling will allow pitches capable of hosting full fixtures.

Mr Steve Dunn who is currently leading the project for Newquay Tretherras commented, ‘This is a fantastic opportunity to improve the sporting facilities in Newquay and increase sporting participation for students and community.’

Illustration of Proposed Sports Facilities

The image above is for illustrations purpose only and not to scale. It is purely to demonstrate the possibility of new proposed facilities. Pitch configurations and arrangements will alter as part of the consultation prepossess.