At Tretherras KS3 has been condensed into two years to provide a more focussed beginning to Maths at the school. Following on from the foundations made at primary school pupils will cover work on Number, Calculations, Algebra, Shape and Data. Alongside these, pupils will attempt functional ‘real life’ tasks that will bring relevance to the work being done. Lessons are delivered in a variety of ways incorporating interactive whiteboards, Activote, mini laptops, practical activities and traditional methods. During the two years there are also opportunities to experience maths out of the classroom on trips to Eden and Exeter Racecourse. We are always looking to expand this area and are currently developing a maths activity day at Crealy Adventure Park.


In KS4 students follow the OCR J517 Modular course. All students complete their first modular exam in Year 9 and continue in Year 10 and 11. Most students sit their final GCSE exam in Year 11. The top set in each population also complete a GCSE in Statistics. Every year group has a Fast Track set of students who complete their GCSE Maths at the end of Year 10 and follow the FSMQ: Additional Maths in Year 11. The introduction of Functional Skills as part of the KS4 program of study is currently being developed as part of the normal syllabus but also as an additional skill for the new Diploma courses.

A Level Maths

GCSE Mathematics provides a useful foundation for many post-16 courses and training opportunities. Courses that are currently offered at Newquay Tretherras to extend the study of Mathematics are:

AS Use of Mathematics

AS Mathematics

AS Further Mathematics

A2 Mathematics

A2 Further Mathematics

Each course consists of a number of modules, which can be taken as part of both the AS and the A2 award. The only exception is the AS Use of Maths which is only a one year program of study. To gain an A Level in Maths or Further Maths you need to complete six modules (3 for AS in year 12 and 3 for A2 in year 13), including all of the compulsory core maths modules.

A Level Papers

Example paper


NT Maths Staff

Rosina Roelofse: Director of Maths

Paul Dixon: Lead Teacher in Maths and Yr 11 Coordinator

Mike Tench: Key Stage 5, G&T and boys achievement coordinator

Kate Upsher: Key Stage 3 Coordinator and Year 8 Progress Coordinator

Kerry Talling (Louise Jarrett): Key Stage 4, Year 10 Progress Coordinator and SEN Coordinator

Edward Hall: Yr 7 Progress Coordinator

Lisa Schiavo: Yr 9 Progress Coordinator

Jo Band: Primary Liaison and 121 Coordinator

Matthew Sloan: Teacher

Jason Udry: Teacher

Bradley Moule: Teacher

Adam Tatlow: Teacher

Jonty Haywood: Teacher

Patricia Osborne: Cover Supervisor linked to Maths Department