NT Chef Round 2


The second heat from the Year 7′s, saw a further five Tretherras students stepping up to show off their cooking skills. The Year 7′s clearly ‘stepped up to the plate’, this year as the food they produced wowed all of the judges.

Anna Cavender produced one of Mr Nicholls favourite dishes from the afternoon. Putting together (from scratch) a Garlic Butter and Chilli Stuffed Chicken Kiev, wrapped in Parma Ham, and serving it on Chilli Garlic Bread accompanied by a side salad with a Balsamic dressing. Anna also garnished her salad with slices of fresh chilli and caught one or two of the judges off guard. The dish Anna produced looked professional and tasted absolutely phenomenal, with the chicken being cooked perfectly and the salad lightly dressed in balsamic giving it an extra “punch”, really excellent cookery.

Poppy Roberts too opted for chicken for the key ingredient for her dish, crafting a spicy chicken curry and serving it with rice and a poppadom. What really impressed, was how Poppy worked calmly working through the process of crafting her curry and working out the spices needed. Poppy’s plating also showed off how she had thought about the dish in advance, and the judges commented on how well balanced the flavours were within her dish.

Tabitha Harbottle set out bravely in her heat, making a lasagna from scratch in an hour, and achieving it. Not only did Tabitha make the white sauce to go with the lasagna, but also brought in fresh pasta sheets for when she assembled it, serving her final dish with a side salad. It’s impressive in itself to make a lasagna within an hour, and this was made all the more so by her calm approach throughout her cooking time, and the flavours she managed to achieve within the dish. This dish was the favourite of the students in the room when they tried each others dishes.

Myles Kaye made an old favourite during his time in the kitchen, an oozing and sticky Bread and Butter Pudding served with a dollop of Clotted Cream. Judges were over the moon when they saw this one. Despite some initial set backs, and a knock to his confidence, realising he had forgotten to add his vanilla to his mix, Myles persevered and produced an absolutely stunning dish which impressed all of the judges. Myles worked really well throughout his time during the heat.

Dylan Hockings made one of Mr Nicholls all time favourite dishes, Ramen Noodles with Soup. As a twist, Dylan made his dish vegetarian, serving it with a Quorn Steak instead of chicken, something which provided an extra twist to his dish. Served in a Soup, the noodle soup packed a massive flavour punch and really tasted incredibly authentic. Dylan also managed to balance out the flavours which he included, with spring onions garnishing the plate next to raw shredded carrot, cabbage, and sliced broccoli, putting up a dish which really was the champion of the day.

Mr Nicholls commented, “So another fantastic round from our Year 7′s – if you see any of them please pass on a well done as they were absolutely outstanding. Next week we’re taking a break from the heats to welcome Nick Evans, Rick Stein’s St Petroc’s Bistro Head Chef, who will be working with the students on some mackerel dishes and showing off some of the skills they might use in the competition moving forwards from here”.

Results from this round of NT Chef are as follows; 3rd Place Equal – Anna Cavender (SKY), Poppy Roberts (SKY) & Tabitha Harbottle (ACR), 2nd Place – Myles Kaye (SKY) and 1st Place – Dylan Hockings (JED)


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