Notice for St Newlyn East Parish Community Members

St Newlyn East Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

St Newlyn East Parish – Neighbourhood Development Plan

Newquay Tretherras has agreed to assist St Newlyn East Neighbourhood Development Team in advertising their strategy to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan and their desire to take account of the views of all residents within the local community, including youngsters across the Parish.


So please share this with your friends and family! This will allow you to have a say on the future of the Parish.

To provide more information the Neighbourhood Development Team is holding three open events as follows:

18th March in the Methodist Chapel, St Newlyn East, 9am until 1pm

19th March in the village hall at St Newlyn East, 11am until 5pm

21st March in the Plum of Feathers, Mitchell, 4pm until 9pm.


Information is also available via:

Website :        

Facebook :               Neighbourhood Development Group for St Newlyn East Parish


The Neighbourhood Development Team have also contacted St Newlyn East Academy and the pupils are going to complete a questionnaire on behalf of the Neighbourhood Development Team, with the added bonus of winning a prize for the best questionnaire!


The questionnaire will be available to download from the website. All residents, both old and young, are encouraged please to complete the questionnaire as this will be one clear mechanism for recording your views.


This is your opportunity to influence the future of your local community and we encourage you to take part.


Thank you!


St Newlyn East Neighbourhood Development Team


Download PDf version St Newlyn East – NDP letter to students here

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