Newquay Tretherras Bloodhound Team Through To The Final

Newquay Tretherras Blodhound Winnersjpg

After two days of racing, Newquay Tretherras students won the next stage of the Bloodhound STEM challenge and are now through to the Cornwall regional finals.

In a closely fought racing battle, that saw over 100 different model supercars compete, the Newquay Tretherras team proved to have built the winning design.

Year 8 student Gideon Blacklock’s design displayed aerodynamic features that enabled the car to be propelled to the fastest speed, beating the other Cornish schools in the contest.

The Cornwall regional final will be a build and race day in which all teams have the same tools and time restraints. It will be run by the Army and the Bloodhound National Race team and held in Newquay on April 28th

Mr Hudson, teacher of Design Technology at Newquay Tretherras commented, ‘The students loved designing their vehicles. The project proved to be a very successful STEM event for us, students successfully applied their learning from Maths, Physics and Design Technology to their vehicle design. Their hard work and dedication paid off with a win for the Newquay Tretherras team’.

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