Newquay Tretherras 11th Annual Dance Showcase ‘Once Upon A Time’.


The Newquay Tretherras 11th Annual Dance showcase ’Once upon A Time’ took centre stage on Thursday 20th March.

Over 50 Dance students from Newquay Tretherras along with local community dance groups performed in the Hexagon Theatre to a packed audience.

Year 5 pupils from local feeder primary school where invited to special daytime performances of the show. As usual, the Newquay Tretherras students excelled themselves with superb performances of examination coursework, specially commissioned duets/group pieces, and performances created for younger dancers by the Newquay Tretherras Dance Leaders.

Mrs Alecock-Smith, Teacher of Dance at Newquay Tretherras commented, ‘Each year, I always think the show has been the best yet and can’t be topped and the following year it gets better again. I can’t imagine what it will be like next year!’

The whole show was a collaboration between students, from the choreographed routines to the lighting and front of house organisation.

Mrs Alecock-Smith added, ‘I am intensely proud of the students who not only choreographed, edited music, created lighting scripts and performed but also ran the refreshments table. These shows would not be what they were without the amazing tech crew of Jake Blum and Simon Turner. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at Newquay Tretherras who supported this event, without whom it couldn’t take place.”

Monies raised from the event will go towards supporting further Newquay Tretherras Dance events and clubs.

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