New Year 7 start the term off at Tretherras

On 5th September 2014 Newquay Tretherras’ new Year 7 cohort was welcomed for their first day of secondary school life
The new Year 7’s students started the term a day early, so that they could the new students familiarised themselves with their surroundings before the whole school returned.
The students spent the morning getting their photos taken and setting up their cashless catering accounts for the school’s lunch payment system before having their first lessons in the afternoon.
During morning assembly the students were welcomed to the Tretherras family by Headteacher Mrs. Martin, Head of Year Miss Hurley and by the Head Boy Matt Banks and Head Girl Poppy Ring. The Perfect Team made the Year 7 aware of the new prefect-run support room, a place for the students to go at break and lunch times if they have any questions or problems.
Head Boy, Matt Banks said, “We know Year 7 is a big transitional year and can be quite scary so we set up the support room with the aim of giving them guidance, help with homework or resolve any issues or queries they have.”

Poppy Ring added, “Year 7 is such a brilliant year at Tretherras with all the activities and the Year 7 Camp. We want to make sure that it is as memorable for them as it was for us.”

Students April and Kate, formally from Cuber
t Primary School commented, “It’s been a really good day. We’re in the same teaching groups and we have lots of lessons together. We’re really looking forward to it.

Students had their first lessons after lunch getting their first year at Tretherras off to a successful start.
Miss Hurley, commented, “The students had a fantastic first day! The whole year group were well presented, their behaviour was impeccable and they now seem to have really settled in to life at Tretherras.”