Master Class at Rick Stein’s for NT Chef Finalists


On Wednesday 22nd of July, the finalists from Newquay Tretherrras Chef competition were invited to Padstow to see behind the scenes of the famous Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant and St Petrocs Bistro.

The day started with a tour of St Petrocs Bistro, with Head Chef Nick Evans showing the students all of the different areas of the restaurant, before taking them to the main hub of the place – the kitchen. Students were given demonstrations on how to work some of the professional equipment as well as talking through some of the dishes on the menu with the chefs. All the students were thrilled to be given the chance to witness a side of the restaurant that many never get the opportunity to see.

The Tretherras Chef finalists were then walked down to Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant and introduced to Head Chef, Stephane Delourme this tine being taught how they could identify male and female crabs and lobsters.

Students also got to visit the local fishmongers and see how that side of the business works. Finally all were treated to a three course lunch back at St Petrocs Bistro, courtesy of Chef Evans and his team. Starting with a sharing platter, the students tucked into treats such as freshly made houmous, roasted chilli peppers, crispy skinned mackerel, and finally, a choice of sticky toffee pudding, raspberry pavlova, or black forest gateaux.

Newquay Tretherras Chef organiser Dave Nicholls said “It’s really very rare that students get the opportunity to see kitchens such as these and how they function, so today was a real treat for all of the students. Big thanks to Nick Evans for inviting us over for the visit”.

To finish off the day, winner Merryn Mcluskie and runner up Ben Hammersley, were both presented with cookery books signed by the big boss himself, Rick Stein, bringing to a close an informative and memorable day for all involved.



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