KS4 Celebration Evening 2016


Newquay Tretherras students along with their families attended the KS4 Celebration Evening at the Hotel Bristol on 23rd November 2016. Families packed into proudly watch the 2016 Leavers collect their GCSE certificates and prizes for their outstanding achievements over their five-year period at the school.

Head Boy Vincenzo Emmanuel-Thomas and Head Girl Karriad Shawcross opened the evening’s celebration in front the Newquay Education Trust (NET) Directors and VIP guests outlined how the 2016 cohort achieved the best set of GCSE results in the school’s history and record results in many subjects.

70.3% of all students gained A*-C’s in both English and Maths, which is a new record for Newquay Tretherras, and up 3% on the previous year. A total of 45 students achieved 4 or more grades at A or A*.

Headteacher Mrs Samantha Fairbairn, specifically addressing the former Year 11 students commented, “Your results were absolutely superb. Personally, I was delighted for you all, it was a tough year and your hard work and resilience paid off getting the results you thoroughly deserved. You will go down as the year group who achieved the best GCSE results at Newquay Tretherras.”

Mrs Fairbairn added, “As young men and women of Newquay Tretherras I believe that you have the ability and opportunity to shape your futures and make a positive impact in the world. Once again congratulations to you all, we are very, very proud of you.”

Head of Year Mrs Thomas and Deputy Head of Year Mrs Schiavo-Tench, reminisced on all the top events and activities that their students participated in as well as all the precious memories they made together. They spoke of how the year group put their individual talents to bond as a year group and enrich the school community.

Mrs Thomas commented, “You really were family to us, you’ve made us laugh, you’ve made us cry you borrowed money and never paid it back! However, you have been exceptional, with many wonderful memories and it has been very special to be part of that.”

Mrs Schiavo-Tench added, “It won’t be the same without you. We miss you already.”

The evening not only celebrated academic achievement but outstanding individual success in varying aspects of school life.

The NET Chair of Directors, Mrs Sarah Karkeek presented the awards. This year Tia Wright won the Best KS4 Results, whilst Freya Percy won the Most Academic Progress in KS4. The Peter Cocks Award for Science & Technology was awarded to Tia Wright and Simon Turner who won the Greatest Contribution to Performing Arts. This year the Sports award was shared by four top performing Tretherras athletes, Harry Downing, Josh Mares, Imogen Miller and Jasmine Mann.

Mrs Karkeek presented the Greatest Contribution to the Life of the School to Rachel Millington whilst Most Inspirational Student was presented to Jasmine Mann.

Mrs Karkeek introduced the final award of the night, the Steve Paice Memorial Awards that was presented by Mrs Barbara Paice. The Award that recognises character, perseverance and determination was awarded to Freya Macleod.

Mrs Karkeek closed the evening by thanking students, parents and teaching staff for their hard work and support, congratulating them once more on their phenomenal results and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year when it arrives.


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