KS3 Drama

In KS3 we teach all the skills the students need to be able to use drama techniques to research and create from a given stimulus. The topics we choose are boundless and range from the “Tempest,” by Shakespeare, to “Kevin the Brick,” where a year 9 group took a brick and devised a whole story line as the basis for a musical. The “Hexagon Studio,” is a great aid to producing exciting work as it is easy to create the right atmosphere to allow the imagination to explore and so the students walk out of the school yard into the Castle of Elsinor, the Amazon River or may meet St George in a Mummers play.

We have joined with other departments to enhance their lessons and have provided schemes on WW1, where the students have been exploring life in the trenches or have looked at religious strife by inventing new beliefs and showing how conflicts can arise.

We believe that good drama can not exist without the co-operation of the students and so the lessons must engage them to be successful. Drama is a popular subject and the students enjoy the lessons.