Newquay Tretherras celebrated a glorious evening of academic achievements and progress in Key Stage 3 on 2nd July 2014.


The Tretherras KS3 Awards are specifically designed to recognise the highest academic achievement as well as reward the overall highest progress of girls and boys from Year 7 and 8.


Hosted by Year 10 students, parents, guests and local primary Headteachers were welcomed to celebrate the educational and creative abilities of Tretherras students.

Jazmine Norfolk, Karriad Shawcross, Dylan Brignall and Sunni Johnson hosted the evening proceedings.


Former Head Girl Alice Maffey, now studying geography at Southampton University, spoke of the support and care she benefited from her time at Tretherras.


Alice commented, “During my time at Tretherras the constant support from teachers, pushed me to work hard and achieve some fantastic results.


Mrs Sue Martin, Headteacher at Newquay Tretherras, spoke to families and highlighted the successful academic, sporting and creative achievements of the scholastic year. This year the school was ranked well in the national league tables and place it amongst the top schools in the county.


Mrs Martin continued, ‘We want our children to be successful in all aspects of their lives. We have great academic success but we firmly believe in the development of the whole student, as well by giving our students as many new and varied opportunities.’


This year’s special guest speaker was Mrs Janet Barker whom retires after 27 year at the academy. Mrs Barker presented students with certificates and awards in recognition of their success and gave a heart-warming speech.


Mrs Barker said, “Newquay Tretherras is a fantastic school, we are very lucky to have such a unique school, supportive teachers and wonderful opportunities for students. I am always amazed by the numbers of former students who have gone on to do so many wonderful things and come back to share those experiences with all at the school.’


Mrs Barker, addressing the students added, “I hope you all make the most of it and enjoy your time here – work hard and enjoy it!”


Mrs Martin and Mrs Barker presented special awards that recognised students with distinguished abilities in subjects and school ethos. The Tretherras Way award went to Year 7 Roni Elliott and Arthur Bygrave and Year 8 Katie Harrison and Ryan Watts. The Award for Greatest Contribution in Year, went to Year 7 Sophie Spark and Josh Beasley whilst in Year 8 Emily Gimblett and Harry Trotter scooped the award.


This year the Jenny Morgan Memorial Award was won by Charley & Millie Tucker.


The Headteachers Award went to Sophie Cooper and Jacob Poole.


The evening concluded with all prize winners coming to the stage for a group photo accompanied by cheers and applause from all.