Key Stage 4 Celebration Evening 2017


The Newquay Tretherras Key Stage 4 Awards Evening at the Atlantic Hotel Celebrated Year 9 and 10 students on 6th July.

Awards were presented to over 90 students who were recognised for their academic achievements and progress, as well as special recognition for students who were exceptional in other ways.

Mr Higginson, Senior Assistant Headteacher, who is Leader of NT Senior Academy Phase Two (Year 10 and 11), opened the evening speeches and spoke of how proud students, in front of their peers and families, should feel to be recognised for their positive and ‘I can’ attitude towards education.

Mr Higginson stated, ‘Your resilience to your studies is incredible. You have demonstrated that you are prepared to work hard, try, learn from your mistakes and push yourself further so that you can succeed. You demonstrate an ‘I can attitude’ which will bring you great success in your next phase of studies. Congratulations to all of you on your awards this evening and I am looking forward to September to continue to work with you on your successful GCSE journey.’

The Head Boy and Head Girl, Harry Bowen and Rachel Millington, expertly hosted the ceremony with some clever one-liners, whilst Head of Year 9, Ms Hurley and Head of Year 10, Mr Carter presented awards and spoke of the fantastic achievements from each of their respective year groups.

Year 9 and 10 students were awarded for Best Progress, Best Achievement and Best Overall Achievement in 36 different subjects.

Ms Hurley presented the Year 10 overall individual winners with Headteacher Mrs Fairbairn.

The winners of the Year 9 Outstanding Contribution Awards were Zoe Grose and Bradley McLellan.

The NT Outdoor Learning Award went to Jack Griffin.

The Year 9 Highest Academic Achievement Award 2016/17 was won by Sam Millington and Leanne Randell.

Mr Carter presented the Year 10 overall individual winners with Headteacher Mrs Fairbairn.

The Year 10 Outstanding Contribution Awards were won by Katie Robinson and Matti De Beer.

The Sports Leader 20165/17 Award went to Charlie Plant and Holly Wignell.

The Inspirational Award 2017 was won by Ben Nielsen.

The Year 10 Highest Academic Achievement Award 2016/17 was won by Jack Higginson and Libby Evans.

The Head Teachers award was won by Tess Whitrow-Coates.

Mrs Fairbairn concluded the evening by congratulating the students and encouraging them to continue their spirit for learning.

Mrs Fairbairn commented, ‘We are incredibly proud of you and amazed by your accomplishments. We believe you will do great things and take advantage of the opportunities in the next stage of your learning at Newquay Tretherras. Congratulations to you all.’

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