Kernow King Performs Trevithick in The Hex


Over 270 Year 7 students at Newquay Tretherras were enlightened and entertained by a performance of “Trevithick!” by comedian and actor, Ed Rowe, better known as Kernow King on Monday 31st October.

“Trevithick!” is the story of Cornwall’s greatest son Richard Trevithick, mining engineer, inventor and pioneer of the steam driven carriage.

Written by Ed Rowe, “Trevithick!” is described as “a biographical comedy that will light a fire in your bellies, bring joy to your heart and set your brain whirring like a four-way valve on a steam engine. This is the true story of a man who was as much an artist and magician as he was an engineer”.

The entire year group of over 270 students were delighted to join in on the singing of traditional Cornish anthems such as ‘Going Up Camborne Hill Going Down’ and were intrigued to discover the story of Richard Trevithick, who is considered to be one of Cornwall’s most famous and fantastic sons.

This was delivered as part of the outstanding Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural provision for our students at Newquay Tretherras, with the emphasis on encouraging students to learn more about Cornish culture, heritage and history.

In addition to performing to a packed audience of our year 7 students, Ed and his fellow performer, actress Mary Woodvine, worked with a group of our Year 10 GCSE drama students to explore the script of “Trevithick!” and encourage them to discover innovative ways of exploring Cornish stories.

After the workshop, Ed said, “It has been really interesting and rewarding bringing this story into a school and educating students about this incredible bit of Cornish history. These students have been some of the best that we have worked with so far! Their drama skills were excellent, and they were full of interesting and imaginative ideas!”

Grahaeme Jones, who is the Lead Teacher of SMSC at Newquay Tretherras, said, “It was an excellent performance of “Trevithick!”, and our Year 7 students have had a fantastic experience learning about the important engineering feats of Richard Trevithick. They were entertained but also educated about a very important figure in Cornish heritage and history. Our Year 10 Drama students also had a brilliant experience having their skills and imagination developed by working with Ed.  I would like to thank Kernow King and his brilliant company for such a wonderful experience!”

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