Jasmine Mann Wins Bronze at World Lifesaving Championships


Newquay Tretherras student Jasmine Mann recently returned from Rescue 2016, World Lifesaving Championships, Netherlands where she was privileged to be selected and represent Great Britain Youth Lifesaving team.

The Year 12 Sixth Form student competed in numerous sea and beach events including Surf Ski, Sprints, Flags, Board Rescue, Rescue Tube Rescue, Taplin and Sprint Relay. Each event provided intense and tough competition against the best in the world including participants from Australians and New Zealand.

Jasmine commented: ‘It was a really big experience and one which I really enjoyed.’

Not phased Jasmine competed through heats and semis to achieve finals in every event with some outstanding results, even bring home a Bronze medal.

Jasmin event results were; Rescue Tube Rescue A final 3rd, Taplin (ski leg) A final 4th, Board Rescue A Final 5th, Surf Ski A Final 8th, Sprint Relay B final 3rd, Flags B final 6th and Sprints B final 7th.

Returning to school Jasmine has received a tremendous amount of support and congratulations from students and staff. She will now be returning to her training schedule and continue with her A-Level studies.

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