Illustrations of Newquay Tretherras Land Under Discussions.

Permission was given to Newquay Tretherras the 19th of July 2012 by the Secretary of State for Education, Mr. Michael Gove, to sell a portion of its land in order to reinvest the proceeds to fund a major rebuilding and refurbishment programme.

The Secretary of State believes that the students of Newquay Tretherras will significantly benefit from the developments of the school site and outweigh the selling of land.

The school is faced by extensive running costs, the infrastructure of the 1950s buildings requires continuous maintenance which has to be carried out by specialist services due to the type of materials used in its construction. It has become increasingly clear that, while some of our site is well-equipped, in other areas, some of the school facilities are coming to the end of their service, are no longer fit for purpose and do not provide a 21st century learning experience.

Integral to this goal is the sale of part of the site to provide the school with investment capital. These funds would enable the school to invest in our infrastructure and provide greatly needed benefits to the overall school site and facilities.

The Sport specific fields to the front of the school (approximately 14.45 acres) are not included in the proposed sale. The 2.67 hectares (6.59 acres) of surplus land under consideration has 1 hectare (2.46 acres) of open field that provide limited sports use – note all figures are approximate. It is mainly used for recreation during dry weather periods. The field does not accommodate full size sports pitches and cannot host fixtures. The sale of the surplus land and 1950s buildings will provide funding to improve the standards of the sports fields and add more sports facilities for students and the community. Remodelling of the school will also provide covered outdoor areas for ‘wet weather’ recreation and study.

The sports provision at Newquay Tretherras will continue to grow. Partnerships with local sports clubs, such as the Newquay Sports Centre, Heron Tennis Club, Waterworld, Newquay Indoor Bowling Club, Newquay and Par Athletics Club, Newquay Football Club, Newquay Cricket Club and Newquay Netball Club will carry on to provided specialist provision for all Tretherras students.

Tretherras is committed to ensuring that all interested parties have the opportunity to comment on proposals and to contribute their own ideas. A series of public consultation activities will take place, and these will be publicised to local residents and the school community in advance.

The above illustrations sever only to identify areas of the Newquay Tretherras estate. These illustrations and marked boundaries are not to scale.