GCSE English

Students begin Keystage 4 with the awareness that very important opportunities await them: Year 9 is a foundation year for GCSE where key skills will be developed. During the year, students will make choices about the GCSE subjects they will take on to Years 10 and 11. While every student will study for a GCSE in English, there are three pathways available to them:

The triple: English, English Literature and Media Studies

The triple GCSE is challenging. fast-paced and exciting, requiring a determined commitment to three GCSEs.

English and English Literature

This is a traditional option that we love to teach, allowing students to read a wide variety of literature including poetry, drama and prose.

English and Media Studies

In this popular option, we combine English with the study of media, enabling students to explore the role of media in the modern world, analysing, planning and creating a variety of media texts.