Newquay Tretherras School supports, and works within, the framework set out by the new SEN Code of Practice and the Disability Discrimination Act, SENDA. We believe that all students have a right to an education that is accessible, interesting and worthwhile. The student with special educational needs has the same right as every other student and it is the aim of the school to ensure that we are providing the correct work, in the correct way for each student. The term special needs encompasses the 4 Areas of Need, Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Behaviour, Emotional and Social Development and Sensory and/or Physical.


We are committed to a policy of integration and inclusion in all areas. All students have a right of access to all area of the curriculum, but it is not enough that all students attend all lessons. Actually being in the classroom does not necessarily mean that they have access to the subject being taught. We aim to ensure that each student, whatever their special need, will achieve their full potential in all areas by supporting students, teachers and the curriculum.


We believe that close parental contact is essential. To this end we are happy to see parents, or speak to them, whenever they contact us. Partnership between school and home is valuable for the development of each student and parents receive regular notification as students improve.