Chef Phil Oakes gives Masterclass to Aspiring Tretherras Chefs!


Following on from previous Master Classes from Nick Evans of Rick Stein’s St Petroc’s Bistro and Steve Lovell from Café Ode, Gara Rock, students from NT Chef were this week treated to a Master Class from Chef Phil Oakes, Programme Lead in Catering from Cornwall College.


With years of experience in a variety of fields, Chef Phil gave students an insight into different methods of preparing different ingredients, including preparing venison before cooking it in a water bath, how to make a deeply flavoured stock, and roasting beetroots as well as other vegetables. The students cooked with Chef Phil the key ingredients and were able to taste what they had created.


What was most pleasing to see from the session was how students were willing to try new ingredients, and ask questions when they investigating new processes. Seeing students enjoying eating venison and seasonal vegetables, as well as asking for more when they were finished made for a truly special session.


Mr Nicholls who co-ordinates the competition commented, “Phil never fails to impress when he comes in to run these sessions, but this one was particularly enjoyable, perhaps because of the ingredients he chose to use or perhaps the resulting dish was put together by the students themselves. Whichever it was, every student walked away from the kitchen having learned something new, which is always excellent to be able to say.”


NT Chef 2016 continues, with further student heats, and more Master Classes from local chefs. Any Chefs wishing to come in and show off their skills should get in touch with the school as we’re always looking for new opportunities for our student.


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