This one year course comprises of 3 units the equivaient of one AS Level in Year 12. Much of
the course is practical involving participation in adventurous activities. This qualification offers broad progression opportunities meeting individual needs, interests and aspirations. The specific nature of this qualification will also enable learners to gain a more indepth knowledge of the outdoor education sector.

This qualification specifically aims to:
Give learners the knowledge, understanding and skilis that they need to prepare for employment.

Retain a work-related focus and covers some of the knowledge and practical skills for the outdoor education sector.

Offer an engaging programme for those who are interested in a possible career in this field.

Enable students to participate in exciting activities in the outdoors, learning and applying practical skills and techniques, further developing their leadership skills and qualities.

Develop students’ knowledge of the underpinning principles and practices of the outdoor industry including all aspects of provision, function and good practice.

Enable students to plan, participate in and reflect on outdoor and adventurous expeditions.

Units Studied:

Unit 19: Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Unit 29: Principles and Practices in Outdoor

Unit 9: Outdoor and Adventurous

All units are centre-assessed and externally moderated by Edexcel. There are no timetabled exams for this qualification; candidates may complete units at a time that suits the centre. The Certificate is graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction and the qualification is equivalent to achieving one As level.

Additional Information:
It is important that students have a lively and enquiring mind and an interest in the Outdoor Education industry. They must have a willingness to explore new ideas and an ability to communicate their ideas effectively.

During the course students will need to develop and use their research skills and work independently to ensure that work is completed to deadline. It is important that students realise that all work has to be completed in order for them to obtain a final grade.

After successful compietion students may wish to gain employment in the Outdoor Education sector or continue their studies at University.