Creative Media Production (TV & Film) is a course designed to provide students with the skills required to enter the creative media industries. Alternatively, if students wish to continue their work into higher education, upon completion of the course they will have a portfolio of work that is an extremely valuable asset when applying for courses in this field. The vocational skills gained by students are desirable, not only in media industries, but also in the full range of businesses that operate in the online sphere.

Year 1 and Year 2 topics studied

Year 1: Level 3 Certificate in Creative Media Production (TV & Film)
Unit 1: Pre-Production techniques for the Creative Media Industries (5 credits)
Unit 2: Communication Skills for Creative Media Production (5 credits)
Unit 3: Film and Video Editing Techniques (10 credits)
Unit 4: Producing Video Installation Work (10 credits)

Year 2: Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Creative Media Production (TV & Film)
Unit 1: Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries (10 credits)
Unit 2: Film Studies (10 credits)
Unit 3: Social Action & Community Media Production (10 credits)

Assessment details

At present all assessment of work is carried out through coursework, with each unit being assessed within the College. However, it is likely that some element of the course will be assessed through exam in the near future. Each satisfactorily completed unit is assessed on a scale of Pass, Merit or Distinction; a pupil must complete 75% of a unit with a particular rating to achieve that grade overall.

Entry Requirements

Whilst a GCSE ‘C’ Grade in English and Maths is preferable, applications for the course will be judged on a pupil by pupil basis. The Media Department feel that this course exists to help develop all those who show a desire and a natural aptitude for working with digital technologies.


Students are expected to keep up with work set in class and complete all of their tasks to deadline; their place on the course will be at risk if they fail to do so. With the course being heavily assessed through coursework, it is vital for success that students can motivate themselves to work hard outside class time. A wide knowledge of appropriate films, music videos and other moving image work is highly desirable; if students do not possess this before the start of the course, they will be expected to obtain it in parallel to the teaching.

Outside of the Classroom

Intrinsic to the course is engagement with the community outside of school. The Video Installation module in Year 1 requires pupils to organise a showcase of their creative work in a public context, whilst the Social Action and Community module in Year 2 requires students to respond to an important issue in their local and to find ways to reach the community with their message.

Reasons to Study this

The media industry is one of the  biggestemployment sectors in the UK and continues to be one of the fastest growing; it is now only a small minority of companies across the whole country that do not use media services in some context. This course provides our students with skills that are instantly valuable in a range of industries as soon as they are out of education. The course also finds numerous ways for pupils to engage with, and work in, the wider community, which provides opportunities for forging valuable relationships.

Equally significant to where you end up are the skills developed along the way: students further their the ability to express creative ideas in new ways, work collaboratively and experience rigorous academic challenge.

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