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GCSE Art and Design
GCSE/A Level Photography
A Level Fine Art

Compulsory at Phase 1 and optional at Phase 2 and Advanced Academy

Art at Tretherras
The Art department is made up of five specialist art staff and a full-time technician. We have three studios, a suite of Apple Mac computers running Adobe software, a fully equipped dark room, a photography studio and a kiln room.


Apple Mac suite

The ethos in our department is “to enjoy your art ideas – because if you do, it will show in your work.” Students who do this are more engaged, work harder and end up with great results. For us, Art is not just about being good at drawing – creativity and imagination are just as important. By offering a wide range of skills and processes we can help our students find their own creative strengths as a vehicle to expression and artistic success.

As a student travels through their art experience at Tretherras we aim to give them a wide and varied experience. They will explore a range of Art styles, both historic and contemporary, and will experiment with new processes and techniques including drawing, painting, printing, collage, photography and digital art, ceramics and card construction.

Phase  One – Years 7,8 & 9

Years 7 and 8 have one hour of Art per week. They will typically produce three projects a year, each focusing on a different set of skills & concepts and each starting with a set of artist references to inspire the work. Year 7 look at Natural Forms, Colour and Portraiture before moving on to Year 8 where the modules are World Arts, Creative Typography and Jungles. In Year 9 students will typically produce two projects which will be more in depth and are set up like mini-GCSE projects which enables the students to explore skills and processes they might use in GCSE.

Homework in Year 7, 8 and 9 is set in the form of “Homework Challenges” once per term and is an extended piece of homework linked to the project they are studying in class. This should be a substantial piece of work and gives students the opportunity to work independently outside of lessons. Students can attend studio time on Tuesday and Wednesday after school to work on classwork or “Homework Challenges” with support from the Art teachers and our Art technician.

GCSE Curriculum – Art and Design, Photography

At GCSE level, students have five hours of study per fortnight and typically produce two units of coursework, forming 60% of their grade. Students also take an exam which they prepare for over the space of three months before producing the project in controlled conditions over a 10 hour period, making up 40% of their grade.

Teachers initially show students a range of new drawing and development skills before allowing them to choose the style, technique and materials that will best help them achieve a great result. Photography students can work with Digital, Film, Moving Image and Fine Art mixed media photography whilst Art students can work with Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking and Paint.

Homework is set individually as an extension of their independent classwork and students are expected to attend studio time on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to pursue this.

A Level Curriculum – Fine Art, Photography


Example of A Level work

In Year 12, Photography students undergo a teacher lead foundation skills course where they learn much more technical photography and darkroom skills as well as digital manipulation using Photoshop and IMovie. A Level Fine Art students also have a foundation skills course although this is based on a residential field trip to a practicing artist which they then use as inspiration to produce outcomes in two and three dimensions. The second part of both courses sees students develop a project in any style or medium of their choice; both projects are combined to form their AS Coursework  (worth 50% of their grade). Students then take an exam worth the other 50% of their grade, similar in form to a piece of coursework but created during a 5 hour development day where students work in a controlled environment and later have time after this to complete work on this unit.

In Year 13, students work on their Personal Investigation coursework unit which they design themselves by taking an aspect, movement, style of art, etc. and carry out an in depth exploration to produce a substantial final outcome and 3000 word critical essay. Students are also set an exam which they have three months to develop ideas and prepare for before creating the project in controlled conditions over a 15 hour period, making up 50% of their grade.

For further information, go to: http://tretherras.net/a-level-art/ or http://tretherras.net/a-level-photography/

Links to exam board / specification
t Tretherras we use the AQA exam board as we find it the most accessible for students to develop an understanding of the Assessment Objectives. You can follow the links below to find out more.