Are You Good or Evil?

Good vs. Evil is another of the many quirky Activities running this week at Tretherras. This creative concept asks students to ponder the nature of goodness and its opposite: evil! They choose a side and spend the week living up to their label during all the fun events they go on.

This includes: lazer tag, a trip to London to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and an ‘I’m a Celebrity’ food style challenge! All these activities end with a certificate ceremony.

Laser tag was the first activity off school grounds. You go to an outdoor laser tag area and spend the day on all on their arenas. They have selected games you can play too, such as team vs. team and protect the flag.




The second trip was to London to watch ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, with a spot of shopping at near by shops.


The third and final big outing was to Newquay Lighthouse Cinema to have a private showing of Transformers 4 – Age of Extinction.

On the last day of Good Vs. Evil ’I'm a Celebrity’ food challenge, where you will be involved in some odd challenges like the ‘horrible cinnamon’ challenge or eating as many lemons as you can.  Tasty…not!

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