Our Vision For Newquay Tretherras

Building A Better Learning Environment

As part of our continuing programme of development at Newquay Tretherras, we are committed to continuing to improve school facilities and increase the opportunities we provide for our students.

For some time now, we have been exploring ways of redeveloping our school campus. It has become increasingly clear that, while some of our site is well-equipped, in other areas, some of the school facilities are not of the standard we believe they should be to provide a 21st century learning experience.

Building for a better future

The school’s Governing body has worked with staff members to outline a vision for the future of the school site and this vision includes plans to redevelop/refurbish and rebuild the site.

Integral to this goal is to provide the Academy with investment capital. These funds would enable the school to invest in our infrastructure, creating an improved learning environment for our students and providing valuable new facilities for the community.