A-List Actor, Simon Pegg, Thanks Tretherras



Newquay Tretherras was recently thanked by acclaimed actor Simon Pegg after the school provided materials created by Year 7 students to use on the set of his latest film.

Tretherras Teacher, Miss Newnham, was also asked to take pictures of her classroom for the production team to use as a model for the film set.

In acknowledgment, the actor, best known for his movies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, released an image of himself in front of a display of the students work whilst holding a ‘Thank You Newquay Tretherras School’ sign.

The upcoming comedy, titled ‘Absolutely Anything’, will see Pegg play an English Teacher who is granted magic powers by a group of aliens, and will be released next year.

Miss Newnham said, “I was contacted by the films set designer, who knows me as an English Teacher – the same as Simon Pegg’s character in the comedy – she asked me to help as they didn’t have a clue where to start!”